20 May 2016

The Monroe Rag

With deep apologies to Tom Lehrer, who wrote and performed the amazing “Pollution” song: https://youtu.be/JPrAuF2f_oI

The Monroe Rag

In Republican Monroe county,
You will find most amazing bounty,
Just one thing of which you must beware,
Don't look for the money, 'cause it won't be there!

Corruption! Corruption!
We got jobs for Maggie and Roj!
Manna from heaven
When you're finally run out of Dodge!

Bill Reilich needed information,
He just tuned to COMIDA station,
That's the one you and I can't hear,
But for Bill it broadcasts all year!

Corruption! Corruption!
Watch the jobs and contracts spin ‘round,
Don't ask for the reason,
For money makes not a sound!

When you're a fat cat who wants more money,
Here's a thought that is sweet as honey,
Give to the party and you may see,
A sweetheart deal at an LDC.

Corruption! Corruption!
The job machine turns and turns,
They're sipping champagne,
As the county seat burns and burns.

Lots of progress for us to make here,
Novel methods so we create fear,
Find some way to get across this bump,
So Cheryl Dinolfo can stump for Trump.

So go to the county,
See the crazy people there,
They know where the funds go,
But vote for Dinolfo,
So buyer, beware!